American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation
By Daniel Sheehy

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Announcements, Articles, and Reviews

Dan's Announcements

10/23/06: Guest-Hosting 'The Right Source' Radio Show

09/26/06: Indiana Conference Titled 'Taking America Back' Features Diverse Group of Nationally Known Advocates for Legal, Controlled, and Reduced Immigration

09/21/06: The New American Magazine Reviews Fighting Immigration Anarchy in "Special Report on The North American Union"

09/14/06: New Media Appearances and Speaking Engagements

09/02/06: Amazon's "Best Value" My Book with Pat Buchanan's

08/15/06: Legendary Newsman-Broadcaster George Putnam Praises Fighting Immigration Anarchy

08/05/06: Fighting Immigration Anarchy Shoots Up Amazon Bestseller List

07/07/06: New Edition of Fighting Immigration Anarchy Available



Rooftop News Releases

09/28/06: Author/Activist Advocates 5 Steps Citizens Must Take to Stop Illegal Immigration

07/07/06: Fighting Immigration Anarchy Focuses on Citizen Struggle to Maintain U.S. Borders and Sovereignty









Reviews Reviews

09/21/06: Fighting The Good Fight

08/11/06: One Reporter's Opinion: Fighting Immigration Anarchy

08/06/06: Bookstore Abundance

Dan's Articles

10/20/06: 10 Million Illegals may have Entered U.S. in 2005

10/18/06: Fighting Immigration Anarchy at the Grass Roots





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